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Integration tools are the only way to survive. To innovate current business processes and practices. Essential to keep ahead in a competitive landscape.

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Connext - Platform

WSO2 Cloud Solution

Connext, a managed WSO2 Cloud Integration Platform as a Service that’s powered by WSO2 Open Source Technology and built by Yenlo, offers functionalities to integrate all your internal and external Services and expose your APIs in a fast, reliable and secure manner.

With Connext you can centralize integrations, get insights, enter new markets and many more. Giving you the ability to adapt and be agile. The first step is to build a smart platform to control them. This is where we come in.

Endless Benefits

We want to provide you with the freedom to act; to fasten your time to market, create new business models or to lower your TCO. The ultimate platform to do so, is Connext. An all-in-one integration solution that functions as your Swiss army knife.

Here you can safely unlock your services and data to developers, follow-up on incoming requests and analyze data and workflows in real-time. Our experts built a fully integrated and ready to go middleware platform that’s up and running without a lot of effort from your side. The only thing you should run is your business.

Endless Benefits with Connext
  • All-in-one integration solution
  • Low costs & high efficiency
  • API Gateway & API Management
  • 24/ 7 Operated and managed by Yenlo
  • Highly available & scalable
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Integrated CI/CD pipeline deployment
  • Built with WSO2 Open Source Technology
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Auto-scaling &
  • Running on Amazon Web Services
Make the lives of your IT professionals easier

Integration happiness and reduced workload

Our Connext solution is a full Managed Middleware Platform as a Service concept running in the Cloud. Connext integrates tools for API Management, Enterprise Integration (both ESB as well as microESB), Identity Management (IAM, SSO and federated authentication) and advanced real-time Data Analytics.

As it’s high performant and scalable, the platform grows along with your company success and budget. Plus, it not only facilitates safe data exchange for you, your employees and your partners; it also makes the lives of your IT professionals a lot easier.

Main function of Connext

Unlock your value to external and internal parties

One of the main functions of Connext is to unlock services, processes and data to external parties and internal information systems and have them add value to your services.

It does so by offering API subscriptions to service consumers, and Identity & Access Management to information systems, and an advanced way of system integration by a sophisticated Enterprise Service Bus including message queuing for reliable messaging.

Exchange with anyone anywhere

Safety and control

One of the perks of being a digital organization is that you can exchange services and data with anyone you like, wherever this person, computer or ‘thing’ is. At the same time, the service or data you’re exchanging is probably your biggest asset, meaning you need to protect it. Connext provides you with enough access and control features to hold off an entire army, such as an API Gateway and Identity and Access Management.

Time for serious data analyses

Turn on your analytics

There’s no use in integrating IT systems on a platform if you leave it at that. As your Middleware Platform is the hub where all your data flows come together, you can do some serious analyses on it as well. You can measure pretty much everything, from request count and abnormal API usage to task monitoring so you can manage individual workload. The platform shows all of this information on a dashboard that you can tailor to your needs.

Connext by Yenlo integrates all your internal and external services and APIs

5 reasons why we build our solutions with WSO2

  • It's the most flexible and agile solution

  • Because of the core base... It's genius

  • Every line of code is yours to keep

  • Evolves with future technology

  • It's backed by the brightest minds

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