Yenlo Connext, the next generation business integration platform

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integration platformBusiness process. What enters your mind now you read that term? Honestly? Let me guess. Fat chance you’re immediately triggered to think ‘improvement’, ’optimization’, ‘redesign’, or ‘transformation’. Whether you’re into lean or design thinking, you’re improving your flow. And to keep your streams flowing, you design ever smarter software, sensing better outcomes with less effort for your users. In order to do that, you need information, lots of information, and ever more information. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, or just intuitive design, capturing and understanding the context of your process, involves processing lots of information.

Community thinking

In traditional business process design, your process used to be firmly confined to the perimeters of your organization, the scope you can firmly control. No longer so. Efficient business processes flow all the way from their sources to their final destination: from seed to steak, from loss to reimbursement, from application to award ceremony, from crime to conviction, from diagnosis to cure, from dream to delivery. Moreover, business process design is getting circular nowadays, from cradle to cradle. The flow never stops, it just recirculates. And with the growing scope, the context gets more complex. 

If you think about your value streams, and how they’re flowing, there will be many actors and stakeholders involved. How to even begin thinking about optimization, let alone restructuring the complex flow of events and interactions taking place? How can you even begin to grasp the amount of information needed to make your processes fully context aware? Well, here’s an idea.

The most viable innovations often spring from the community. From your business partners, suppliers, buyers, distributers, all along your value chain. So, why not mobilize your community, and let them invent better processes together? Why not challenge them to rethink the way you collaborate? Co-create better business processes? All you have to do is give them a forum.

Get rolling

A hackathon can be a great event to bring people together and get them inspired. The beauty of a hackathon is that it focusses on getting things done. Use whatever is available to get a result. There is a deadline, and there is a reward at stake. Through competition, teams will be motivated to make the most of it. To outsmart other teams and prove it. That’s the spirit of innovation. 

So, what do you need to get this rolling? Well, if you’re targeting a stream of any complexity, quite a lot. You need to set up an environment where you can simulate your current processes, and where you can improve your collaboration. Working closer together. Today, that automatically means you have to improve your information exchange. That’s always the key to a better flow, with less delay, and fewer dead ends. 

At Yenlo, we love improving information exchange. That’s why we invented Yenlo Connext, the next level business integration platform. It has everything you need to keep your information flowing throughout your business processes, in a secure and reliable way. No matter if you are message oriented, file based, service oriented or event driven, Yenlo Connext has you covered. Even if you do all of the above. From BPMN engine to Identity Provider, from policy management to monetization, it’s all included. It’s not exactly out of the box, but that is because we do not believe in boxes. We believe in service. And we do not box our services. We just deliver. As promised.

If you embrace Yenlo Connext, a solution for WSO2 Middleware Platform in the Cloud, to improve your information exchange, as a joint collaboration vehicle, you’ve also quick started your hackathon. As part of our on boarding, we get you connected, and then you’re in business. From there, you can start introducing all the tools we provide to test, simulate and continuously improve your business processes. And if a hackathon is part of your improvement strategy, we’ll gladly host you. We can even help you to set a baseline and measure improvements. Yes, Connext also has the analytics to prove it. We told you we’ve a complete offering, didn’t we?

Just do it

So why not give us a challenge? Why not invite us to source your hackathon, for instance? Or to prove the viability of your next level business process? With Connext, we can move fast. We’ll embrace what’s already in place, and take it from there. Just let us do the plumbing, so you can focus on improving your business.


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June 25, 2019

Hans Bot

Hans is an experienced architect in the digital world, has always been at the frontline of developments. Nowadays Hans is focused on state-of-the-art cloud and integration platforms serving as a base for digital transformation. Hans has a passion for modern technologies. At the same time, he values the merits of proven ones.